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Now that the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence has (finally) undertaken Phase II of its investigation into prewar intelligence (thanks, Senator Reid), we expect there will soon be a cohesive body of evidence that will show beyond any reasonable doubt that the Bush administration lied to get us into this war. The political wind has shifted decisively, with a majority of the American people now saying that they believe the president intentionally misled us into war. We're not exactly sure where this is headed, so stay tuned.

The Phase II final report won't be published for months but the rare closing of the Senate orchestrated by Senator Harry Reid on November 1 led to the appointment of a six-senator bipartisan task force that will report by Nov. 14 on "the intelligence committee's progress of the phase two review of the prewar intelligence and its schedule for completion." There may well be further interesting findings released along the way.

Our team has been very busy putting together Misled into War: A Timeline, a fully searchable database, which we invite you to use in answering any questions you may have, do research, or just browse the list of entries... there are many threads and stories about the path to war that present themselves.


Recap of Action Taken and Results

Awaken the Mainstream Media

In the days immediately following the release of the Downing Street Memo, the lack of media attention to the story in the US was nearly absolute. In an effort to bring the issue to the fore, we began a campaign in the month of June in which every day we posted three media "targets" for people to contact demanding coverage of the DSM. This was not an automated click-and-send email campaign (so-called "astroturf"). Rather, each contact was thoroughly researched and we provided this information so people could tailor their own emails to suit the particular publication, network or journalist.

Results: The campaign directly produced stories in the Wall Street Journal and the Chicago Sun-Times (PDF link) and created a groundswell of public outcry that drove further, if belated, coverage from all corners of the US media.

Awaken the US Senate

Following the success of our media campaign, we decided to turn our attention to the Senate where the Select Committee on Intelligence had reneged on its commitment to investigate how the "bad intelligence" on Iraq was used to support the administration's case for war. Using a similar approach to the first Awaken campaign, we targeted three senators each day for emails, faxes and phone calls.

Results: After remaining silent on the issue, Intelligence Committee member Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) issued a letter calling on Committee chairman Pat Roberts (R-KS) to finish the job and complete the investigation. The issue has also been addressed in a special report by CNN.

Rep. John Conyers' Petition to the President

Congressman John Conyers (D-MI) has been a strong voice in calling for accountability since the DSM issue first broke. In May, he began collecting signatures on a letter to President Bush demanding answers to the questions raised by the DSM. At that time, traffic on our site was increasing by the day and we set up a link to direct visitors to sign Conyers' letter.

Results: On Thursday, June 16, Congressman Conyers delivered his letter to the White House with the signatures of over 540,000 Americans and 122 members of Congress. Not content to stop there, Conyers has pledged to keep his campaign going, and to personally see to it that every additional signature is delivered.


Sign the Petition

Contact your representatives in Congress and urge them to join the members of Congress who already have called on the President to explain the memos.

You can email your Representatives in the House here.
You can contact your Senators here.

List of Representatives who signed the June 15, 2005 letter PDF
List of Representatives who signed the May 5, 2005 letter PDF


Sign the Petition

  A handy list of debunked arguments against the importance and relevance of the Downing Street Memos, for use in your next email or discussion.


Sign the Petition

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T-shirts. All of the items are offered at cost--we don't make any money on
the things you buy. Our objective is simply to spread the word about the Downing Street Memos as far and wide as possible.


Sign the Petition

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Citizen Action!

(The linked photos page is filling nicely—give it a moment to load—it's worth the wait!)

May 25, 2005
Demand Truth From the Media Rally I

Concerned citizens in Tampa, Florida staged a rally in front of the local ClearChannel offices to demand coverage of the Downing Street Memos story. And they took some pictures.


A local conservative radio show host kindly took some more pictures, too.

June 2, 2005
Demand Truth From the Media Rally II
Thursday found our concerned Tampa citizens (now the Save America Coalition) together a second time to demonstrate its discontent over the lack of coverage of the Downing Street Memos in the mainstream media. This time, the target was the local Fox affiliate, WTVT FOX 13. While getting positive responses from the passing cars, the St. Petersburg Times interviewed two of the participants. Bravo, Tampa!

Kudos to all of the dedicated patriots, growing in numbers, who showed up to demand truth from our mainstream media!

.June 2 rally      

June 9, 2005
On Thursday, June 9, local residents of the Tampa Bay area (the Save America Coalition) converged on their local NBC affiliate to protest the lack of coverage the DSM has received in the mainstream media. Despite a late day shower, around 25 people took part, enough to fill both sides of a busy street and earn the horn-honking support of many drivers (along with the occasional one-finger salute). A local radio station, WMNF, covered the event but though it was happening in front of their offices, the NBC folks paid it no mind--this time.

June 9 Tampa  June 9 Tampa

June 9 Tampa

June 16, 2005
Demand Truth From the Media Rally IV

On June 16, our friends in Tampa (the Save America Coalition) staged their fourth Demand Truth From the Media Rally at Patriots' Corner at Bayshore and Bay-to-Bay. Joining them was Norma Aviles, a member of Gold Star Families for Peace who lost her 18-year-old son in Iraq on April 7, 2003. The weather was more cooperative this time, and they had a nice sunny day to exercise their First Amendment rights.

June 16 Tampa  June 16 Tampa  June 16 Tampa  June 16 Tampa

June 16, 2005
Support for Conyers hearing and DSM coverage in Arizona

A diverse group of Arizona residents from as far as Tucson and Flagstaff took to the State Capitol in 105 degree weather to demand coverage of the DSM story while the Conyers hearings were going on in Washington. News reporters from ABC, CBS, Air America and Fox reported on the event. 
June 16 Arizona  June 16 Arizona  June 16 Arizona  June 16 Arizona

June 16, 2005
Denver march in support of Conyers hearing

While the Conyers hearings were going on in Washington, Denver residents took to the streets. Local radio station KGNU called for an impromtu march following its broadcast of Democracy Now, and dozens of people converged on a cluster of local TV news stations to demand coverage of the DSM story.

    June 16 Denver  June 16 Denver  June 16 Denver  June 16 Denver
Denver photos by Matthew Kaune

June 23, 2005
Demand Truth From the Media Rally V

Drizzle turned to full-on rain, and it wasn't just the weather. St. Pete for Peace joined up with our friends in Tampa (the Save America Coalition) for the rally at Patriot's Corner and matched the increase in precipitation with an increase in voices calling for the media to cover the biggest story of the year.

June 23 Tampa  June 23 Tampa  June 23 Tampa  June 23 Tampa

June 30, 2005
Demand Truth From the Media Rally VI

On June 30th, more than 30 people gathered for a spirited rally near the Raymond James Stadium, on the intersection of Dale Mabry and Columbus in Tampa. People from several local peace and democracy groups joined the Save America Coalition, including one individual with a megaphone to share.

June 30 Tampa June 30 Tampa June 30 Tampa June 30 Tampa


July 7, 2005
Demand Truth From the Media Rally VII

Our friends in Tampa—Save America Coalitionendured more than the usual insults from Bush acolytes when they gathered on July 7. This time in addition to the verbal sticks and stones, some real stones were thrown at them as they peacefully exercised their right to free speech. There were a few yelling matches, but thankfully no one was hurt.

July 7 Tampa  July 7 Tampa  July 7 Tampa

Are you (or your group) planning to speak out in support of media coverage of the Downing Street Memos and a congressional investigation? Please let us know the details; we would like to feature your events here. This is what it's all about, folks!


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